How we work


Good question. The shoes you collect are taken to our warehouse in Florida to be processed, consolidated and shipped to developing nations around the world where many cannot find jobs, or even afford expensive shoes, because of systemic poverty. Through your shoe drive fundraiser, we can supply individuals and families merchandise to sell in their local marketplaces, creating small, self-sustaining micro-enterprises.

  • You collect shoes and receive cash for your cause.
  • We repurpose the shoes and send them to developing nations.
  • You help create employment opportunities around the world.

Why repurpose?

Over 72% of the world’s population uses repurposed shoes and clothing, except here in the United States where an average American throws away about 70 pounds of clothing, shoes and other household textiles each year. Americans generate almost 13 million tons of textile waste per year. 

Research shows that when repurposing is compared to the production of new products, we can reduce our carbon footprint and CO2 emissions significantly. Less production reduces the need for raw materials resulting in reduced waste.

Your hand in repurposing shoes will help protect our environment and best of all, support others in developing nations create self-sustaining economic opportunities.